Route 2 FI - Free As A Bird #21 | My Stock Portfolio Climbs Up To $385,915

Hi everybody!

Welcome to the 21st edition of my newsletter "Free As A Bird".

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It’s been a while since I wrote my newsletter now.

It’s mainly because I focused all my energy on Twitter and the blog, but I want to get back to sending out this newsletter again to share more works and thoughts from others as well + a little more personal details about me.

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An Update On My Stock Market portfolio

It’s been a while since I’ve given an update on my portfolio.

I know most of you who reads this isn’t from Norway, so I’ll start with converting the currency from NOK to USD.

Currently, I have $385,915 invested in the stock market (3,443,342 NOK).

So what has happened this year?

First of all, COVID-19 happened.

I had this huge drop in my portfolio and I was down about $100K.

It was for sure scary, and while I tried to seek answers to what was happening, I couldn’t find any wise explanations. I’m pretty disciplined, so I knew I would handle sitting through a stock market crash.

Last year I developed 12 investing principles. These principles helped me a lot through the stock market crash.

Secondly, I had a lucky bet that made me some extra money.

Some weeks ago I was Bull x 20 on S&P500 with a small % of my portfolio. While the index was up about 6%, I was up to almost 110%.

My gain: $63,000!

That’s why my portfolio is up to $386K now.

Feels kind of unreal!

My goal of $500K doesn’t feel so far-off anymore!

Some questions for my readers.

  1. What would you do next if you were me? Should I move more into real estate?

  2. Should I stick with stocks and use leverage to speed up the process?

  3. Move to a foreign country and never work a day in my life again?

Articles I Read This Week That Got Me Thinking

Where Is Your Inspiration? by Tinkered thinking

Many, if not all of us have experienced that depressing sensation of being locked into a boring job, overwhelmed with the feeling that we aren’t doing what we are supposed to be doing. 

It’s a difficult situation and feeling to deal with.  It can easily lead to darker places.

The Good Life by James Pierce

Few people in history have truly come to understand the good life.

People are full of desire.

They are very attached to the world.

Because they are attached, they suffer.

Everything that happens produces a reaction.

They are always running towards one thing, and away from another.

Nothing is ever fine as it is.

The good life does not consist of material possessions.

Neither does it consist of few wants.

It is in looking for the good life that one tends to miss it.

Stop searching, and perhaps then you will find it.

What's at the core of Self-Improvement? by Kunal (@Crazypolymath)

The real thing is mastering your mind. Once you master your mind, all the self-help advice render meaningless to you.

Do you think the one who has mastered his mind needs any productivity hacks? Do you think he needs any motivation or validation from others to move forward? Do you think such a person needs to apply tricks to fight procrastination?

A man who has mastered his mind has complete control over his attention. He can focus his mind on any subject for as long as he wants to. No success or achievement is out of reach for such a man.

Everything you are chasing in the name of self-improvement, are just side-effects. It’s like four blind people touching a different part of a huge elephant and describing it.

Willpower, habits, mental toughness, productivity, hard work – all these are just various tiny aspects of the real thing. And the real thing is mastering your mind.

What Kind Of Rich Do I Want To Be? by Contrarian Living

How do we define “rich” and who is “rich”?

At what moment in their life does one meet the criteria of being rich?

How does one measure richness? There is no true measure. Rich is truly an ambiguous term and is not limited to money. Money is just a means to get through life.

Being rich is relative to the current situation of a person.

For the homeless, the man who owns the hut is rich. For the owner of the hut, a man who owns an apartment is rich. Each person has their perspective and definition of the rich.

I do not care about having millions of dollars sitting in the bank. All I want is enough.

Here is my checklist –

a. Have enough money to last a lifetime.
b. Live a decent and frugal lifestyle.
c. Have enough time to read as many books as I want.
d. Enough time with family.
e. Ability, time, and the will to do one hard thing every day.
f. Write every day. Teach every day.

When do you think you would call yourself rich? It’s an interesting question to contemplate.

Tweets That Got Me Thinking

  1. Forge Of Man

How many times has this happened to you? I remember I was in this fabulous bookstore in Paris in 2016 (Shakespeare & Company) and I totally lost track of time.

There were so many books, and I just sat there and read snippets from several books with a cup of tea.

  1. Thibaut

Thought-provoking tweet from Thibaut!

I feel a little guilty because my mind tends to shift often between wanting more and wanting less.

I wish someone could just tell me what the sweet spot was.

The perfect amount of money to never worry again ever.

When can we be content?

  1. The Ancient Sage

Think more.

Read less, and only the best books.

Reading quality books leads to quality thinking.

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