Route 2 FI - Free As A Bird - Net Worth Update For May: $188,000 | Will I hit $200.000 In July?

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Hi everybody! Welcome to the first edition of my newsletter "Free As A Bird".

The name of the newsletter represents us - we want to be free. Free to choose how we spend our lives.

My portfolio is up 17,5 % from january 1th until april 30th! In numbers this means my portfolio is up 20.200 $!

That's more than my day job has paid me (after tax) for this year!

I’m publishing my net worth tomorrow on the blog, so be sure to check out this link after 5 PM tomorrow.

It looks like my net worth is going to exceed $200,000 already in july this year!

Articles I Read This Week That Got Me Thinking 

Life After FIRE: Creating A Full and Meaningful Life by @YourBestChapter (5 min read).

Many people conceptualize their existence as having only two parts: 1) work and 2) everything else in life.

Given the long hours that most people put in each week preparing for work, commuting to work, doing their job, and worrying about work, it is unsurprising that work consumes most of our waking hours.

And because our jobs consume so much time and energy, the challenge pre-retirement is to find work-life balance.

I believe a full and meaningful life has four domains:

  1. Health (including physical, emotional, spiritual health)

  2. Relationships (including family, friends, and community)

  3. Purpose (including work, legacy, and money), and

  4. Growth (including intellectual, experiential, and creative growth)

How satisfied are you with life on a scale from 1 – 10?

Lessons from One Year of Nomadic Passive Income by Nat Eliason (7 min read).

If you’re pursuing the lifestyle business digital nomad dream, you have to believe on some level that achieving it will make you happier than you are in your current situation.

And, yes, if your job sucks, you’re working long hours, doing something you hate, and stuck in a boring part of the world, then it will make you happier.

But the joy from it isn’t permanent, and you’ll soon settle back into your baseline happiness level, because no matter where you go or how much freedom you accumulate, you can’t escape bringing you along for the ride.

If you’re a paranoid workaholic when you have a job, you’ll be a paranoid workaholic without one.

If you can’t spend an afternoon quietly sitting in a café enjoying where you live right now, you won’t be able to do that in Florence either.

If you feel the need to constantly check in on social media and email now, you won’t magically stop having that urge when you’re on the other side of the globe. 

Financial & Emotional Freedom: What Does It Take? by Darius Foroux (5 min. read)

Money doesn’t make you happy. And yet, we need it to live. So what do we do? Try hard to make more money? Or, be content with what we have?

Don’t chase money. Even if you think it gives you financial freedom. If it comes at the price of an emotional prison, it’s not worth it.

You always need way less than you think. When I was unhappy with my well-paying career, I took a step back. Literally.

And now, I’m doing what I love. I’m making a living as a blogger and online teacher. And you know what, I don’t even need a lot of money to live a good life.

The Book I'm Reading Right Now

Freedom from The Known by Jiddu Krishnamurti

This book is not at all what I expected.

Instead of being told what to do, what to feel, and what to think like most philosophers; he instead challenges you to think for yourself and to learn these lessons on your own and not to follow him or any other leader to guide us because that will not succeed in creating change within ourselves.

A very radical and inspirational book that is sure to intrigue any reader with an open mind.

What I say has very little value. You will forget it the moment you shut this book, or you will remember and repeat certain phrases, or you will compare what you have read here with some other book - but you will not face your own life. 

And that is all that matters - your life, yourself, your pettiness, your shallowness, your brutality, your violence, your greed, your ambition, your daily agony and endless sorrow - that is what you have to understand and nobody on earth or in heaven is going to save you from it but yourself.

What I'm Listening To

#155 - Mental Models: A Conversation with Shane Parrish by Sam Harris

It’s critical to set aside the time to walk around a problem in a three-dimensional way

  • You might ask yourself:

    • What does this problem look like for me?

    • What does it look like to other people?

    • What does it look like through different lenses?

“One of my concerns is how we’re being manipulated without our awareness to it and how availability of material shapes what we see”

  • We don’t follow people on Twitter we don’t agree with 

  • We don’t actively seek out information which disconfirms our belief

  • “The internet facilitates the acceleration of more of what you are and more of what you think”

    • Shane thinks we may see a day where two people read the same New York Times article online, but each person will see a slightly different version based on their browser history.

This Week's Writing

April 2019 Income & Expenses (Savings Rate Record: 72,4%) (3 min read).

This month I wanted to make a flow diagram to visualize both my income, expenses & savings in the same figure. What do you think of it?

The currency is as always USD $.

My expenses this month was $1276,6 . That’s $510,3 less than last month! This was an extreme month for me.

This month’s savings rate was a whopping 72,4 %, which I think is way over my expectations.

Check out the full post for details on how I managed to save almost 3/4 of my salary.

Route 2 FI Interview Series – #6 Reverse The Crush (15 min. read)

Check out the latest interview I did with @Reversethecrush

This is an in-depth interview where I really dig under his skin to get to know him better.

There are lots of key takeaways, so be sure tocheck it out and follow him on Twitter.

In the interview you will read about:

-His 1-year mini-retirement as a trader!

-His unique dividend investing strategy (value investing)

-Why and how he will become FIRE

-Books that formed his investing stratgey

-Net worth & plans for the blog in the future

Quote that got me thinking

“Money speaks only one language: If you save me today, I will save you tomorrow ” 

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